it's not that a man reading a kindle or an ipad isn't sexy, but when given the choice between a man reading an actual paper-bound book or a man scrolling with his finger on a touch screen, we'd pick the first guy every time. of course some of this depends on what the dear fellow is reading-- for instance, you see a man on the bus thoroughly engrossed in his book and "oh!" you think, "here is a rarity across the aisle from me on the city bus." indeed, he is a rarity. we don't see very many men reading these days which is a shame. "i wonder what he's reading," you slouch lower in your seat to get a glimpse of the title. damnit. it's the 2010 jodi picoult novel. the world has not smiled at you after all. 

in this case, we'd prefer the man reading cry, the beloved country on his kindle.

tolle lege, kind reader. 

this out-of-print sweatshirt is the perfect christmas gift for that dorky guy in your life. and by dorky of course we mean brave, kind, funny and interesting. or perhaps the aesthetically pleasing book-about-books for his coffee table?

guys take note and girls take heart-- the reading man exists and he is as manly as they come.




it's exam time-- if you're not stressed, at least act like you are.

keep these things in mind as you study:

-ask yourself, "will this matter 10 years from now?" YES. the answer is yes. whether you care to admit it or not, your GPA is directly correlated to how many times you can remodel your kitchen. so you have a cumulative 2.23? looks like granite countertops are just a pipe-dream, buddy. 

-the best way to knock out a few solid hours in the library. on repeat. all night long.

-if your school offers an exam prize pack, sign yourself up. if they draw your name, you get two free scantrons AND a diet pepsi. 

-study break idea: go through all your pictures on facebook. again. 

-study-break idea #2: library bingo.
              -guys in white hats/visors
              -ugg boots
              -that person who takes the elevator up ONE floor
              -"hey, will you watch my stuff?"
              -a laptop with more than five stickers on it
              -subway/jimmy johns
              -leggings as pants
              -girls watching the hunger games trailer

-but really, take the stairs.

good luck with finals if you have them and if you don't, good luck with all that free time!





happy birthday to the kindest, most beautiful and selfless friend i know.

 i am so thankful you were born and for our long, hilarious, and continuous friendship. thanks for always picking up the phone and picking up the slack. you are so dear to me. happy, happy birthday.




thanksgiving was a few days ago in case any of y'all missed it. in light of possibly the best holiday of the year, we scratched up a brief list of things we're thankful for.
 ok, so it's late but we were so busy buying consumer electronics at 40% that we totally forgot to be thankful. here's our shot at redemption:


1. URBAN MEYER. a true family-man.

2. COLLEGE STUDENTS WHO POST PICTURES/STATUSES OF THEIR "OVERWHELMING" WORKLOAD. you know the ones i'm talking about-- the florescent glow of the lap top amidst papers punctuated with either a cup of coffee ("it's gonna be a loooooong night. lol!") or a TI-83 plus. wow, you have papers/presentations/finals too?? we thought we were the only ones!

3. BEVERLY HILLS 90210. we can't think of any soap more compelling to watch (sans audio) while at the gym. really, tori spelling gives a hell of a performance.

4. PEOPLE WHO SAVE THEIR DIRTY SHOWER WATER TO WATER THEIR PLANTS AND FLUSH THEIR TOILETS. yes, this happens. it's called graywater. look it up. then go back to 4th grade and look up "the water cycle" in your science book and get back to us.


6. 30% OFF MY NEXT OIL-CHANGE AT JIFFY-LUBE. thanks for the discount, the reminder and the gratuitous chuckle. jiffy-lube is the best name ever.

7. HOLIDAY JEWELRY COMMERCIALS. we can't decide which one makes us want to dry-heave the least. (it can only be jared.) and what the heck is dr. quinn doing designing jewelry??

{we really do have a lot to be thankful for-- none of which are included on this list. we're not that heartless.}




kind reader, did you participate in no-shave november? 
if you're a girl and answered "yes," pour yourself a tall glass of give-a-damn because it's november 28th and your legs are probably cringe-worthy. sorry we're not sorry. yeah, we're lazy sometimes too, but trust us on this one and spend that extra four minutes in the shower. unfortunately, we can't use the "we're raising awareness" excuse because refusing to shave our legs to "raise awareness" just wouldn't be as effective as pink ribbons, 5k's, save the tatas car washes, or yogurt tops. 

new generation, same double-standard. 
but we digress. 

on the other hand, if you're swelling with testosterone and perhaps a newfound sense of masculinity, how's your chin looking these days? we love a man with a good beard and that's why we're particularly excited about today's post. so, as november comes to an end and stubble is reevaluated, enjoy this influx of bearded men and maybe, just maybe, devote a thought or two to men's health

we're still not completely sold on the man nose-ring, but we are sold on this dude. and the beard conditioner

does this corduroy vest make me look suspicious?

beard+baby and we're scooping the remains of our melted heart off the floor.  

yes, we know what you're thinking. ryan gosling has tiny ears. 

a well-groomed man is always sexy. don't let your beard run amok. 

dan auerbach has a lot of worlds colliding here-- the matador get-up, the wayfarers, the irish beard, the danish beer, the british open-palmed salute... pick a team, dan. 

we don't know who he is, but we like him. we get the vibe that he probably leaves his girlfriend cute notes around the house. 

yes, you can even purchase this coffee table book to further glorify your manhood. 

somewhere between where the wolf ends and beard begins, lies a man unmatched in masculinity and body odor. 

if you're interested in the man, we can't help you. he could be anywhere. but the lube? yeah, we got that covered. 

this top-knot is top-notch. 
see what we did there?

men-- in real life, leave the silk scarves to your grandmothers or use them as flags on your sailboats.  

if you don't know, a beard that creeps down your neck is called a neard (creativity points to the dude who came up with that one.) off-putting? sometimes. it's a tough call. 

oh, liev. don't you ever liev.

old king cole called for his pipe, and i bet we could find three fiddlers around somewhere...

justin vernon looking only slightly disheveled. it's ok, we bet he embroidered those flowers on himself while at his cabin in wisconsin. 

this guy's got so much angst that he ran out of room in his cargo pockets and had to bring along a couple bags too. 

ok, so it's not quite a beard... but we like it anyway. 

this man has so much panache, he went the extra mile and turned his decorative throw into a scarf. 

eric bana and his two-week shadow. 

we hope you enjoyed that manly monday beard expedition.
 if you're a man, maybe you're freshly inspired. maybe you'll put down that razor for a couple months or, if you're already there, maybe you'll keep it up. 
in any case, we'd encourage you take time before november is over to rub the smooth leg of a woman in gratitude and appreciation. 
if you get slapped, we take no responsibility whatsoever. if you get a kiss, well, maybe you should start shaving off that scruff. beard-burn is no fun.