as i prepare to move back into my little house next week, the search for nesting inspiration has taken up the majority of my time. thankfully, i have a pretty blank canvas to work with (white walls, wood floors, high ceilings, etc.) and i am excited to start scouring flea markets and my favorite antique stores for new pieces of art and furniture to start the school year. 

i know i'm probably the anomaly, but the phrase back-to-school gets me all excited. 
and back-to-school shopping? love it. 

now though, rather than pushing a red shopping cart through target with mama and a list (3 elmer's glue sticks, 4 packs of #2 pencils, 1 five-star pencil pouch, 1 lunchbox that's not too nerdy, etc), i'm shopping for a wooden farm table, mason jars, two bookshelves, a rug, and more light-bulbs. here's some of what i already have to work with:

the pull-down school map is one of my favorite pieces in the house and acts as a visual anchor for the room. 

the front room needs help.
 it has good bones, but needs a statement piece and artwork to tie it together.

 it's a good start, but i'm thinking it needs a touch of masculinity here and there.
 I've gathered some of my favorite spaces and images for inspiration:

bold colors against a neutral background

a place for books and a portrait of virginia woolf.

white can look stark, but when paired with rich colors and a chevron rug-- it's incredibly satisfying and peaceful. 
red eames chair-- i must find one. 
aside from the cat's ass-- i love the visual impact of the maps on the wall. 

be on the lookout for more visual syntax as i continue to gather ideas. a blank canvas is arguably one of the most thrilling adventures to tackle and i can't wait to get started. 


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kristen said...

i have a small collection of national park maps that i am wanting to display...white walls are great but they can be intimidating!