this post will introduce you to two things: xkcd (a brilliant webcomic of which i am an adoring fan, and you can be too!) and the therapeutic nature of blogging.

lately, i've been thinking a lot about growing up (whilst acting like i'm not... but i think i am). it's terrifyingly irreversible. and recently, it's been one bad decision after another.  the consequences are infinitely more serious than a spanking, even if it is with a belt circa 1880 and you are as adorable as jason bateman.

from what i can tell, the primary challenge of adulthood (so far, in this young-adult melee we're engaged in) is maintaining a childlike disposition and curiosity in spite of this adult and terrible world around us (and still being responsible and respectful!). i don't want to sound like that preacher from pollyanna.

to quote amy, of gillian armstrong's interpretation of louisa may alcott's little women: "we'll all grow up someday, meg. we might as well know what we want."

so know what you want, but consider your own needs and the needs of the ones who care about you. after all, i think part of being an adult sometimes means fighting that bastardized desire for instant gratification, and realizing our decisions affect others. that being said ... dye your hair, take care of your friends, go for a run, remember what it means to love. just know what you want.

i'll leave you with an honest anthem. lyrics can be found here. take it as you will.


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Kristen said...

Little Women is full of wonderful gems. "We bear our souls and tell the most appalling secrets."