here at little chief, we sometimes come across ideas that are better left in their pre-edison stage of development-- that is, some people's iconic lightbulb just shouldn't flicker. i don't mean to belittle any diy aspiration or rain on anyone's proverbial pinterest parade, but for the sake of good taste and streamlined practicality, i've compiled a few for-the-love-of-all-that's-holy-never-misuse-a-picture-frame-like-this images for your aesthetic betterment. 

example 1: i love the heart and spirit behind this diy conglomeration, but
picture frames that frame balls are never a good idea. martha stewart would be appalled. 

example 2: you're in love-- we get it.
you also look like you're in jail. (ugh. monogamy can be so stifling.)

example 3: let's play i-spy. can you spy the five barf-inducing cliches in this photograph?
hint-- it's definitely not the ornate gold picture frame, the railroad tracks, the
striped suspenders and tie combo or the fedora that would make sinatra cry. keep looking.

example 4: don't turn two perfectly good picture frames into a damn chair.
no one wants their ass framed.

if you are guilty of any of the above offenses, take heart! take xanax! take that aqua picture frame off your front door and sit your ass down on that god-forsaken yellow chair, because i have beautiful examples of picture frames displayed as the gods intended to light your flickering 20 watt bulb. 

example 1: frames don't have to be the same size or shape.
decide what kind of arrangement suits you and your wall then have
a lawyer make it legal before you nail anyone (excuse me-- anything.)

example 2: the stairway is your gallery. sans plexiglass and heat sensors.

example 3: take rita konig's advice and have fabulous taste. 
hopefully we've all learned something. if not-- please do us a favor and keep spray-painting ugly frames by candlelight. 


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