and i'll make an inappropriate innuendo. or ill take an entire weekend and spend too much time and money on old stuff for the house. either way, 809-- my little college house-- is coming along.

boots from a boy

from this weekend's flea market trip: i paid $8 for the brown library chair.
i bought two yellow school chairs for $5 a piece and love them.
also from the flea market: the oak bedside table for $20 and the glass beaker for $2.50

sweetest bathroom towel ever: $1

for $2, i couldn't resist.

old grocery scale-- $12

blueberry crate: $15
ok-- my beautiful sis found this one. credit where credit is due, my friends.
two of my favorite finds from this weekend: the drafting table ($30!) and chair ($12!). 

paint-by-number-- $8

if (when?) i study-- this is the perfect spot for academic thinking.

well, there you have it. sometimes i think that my happiest moments are when i'm pushing furniture around.

until the next flea market,


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