with manly men on the swift decline in america, kyle chandler is here to assuage our growing distrust of the opposite sex and fix our car into the bargain (*sigh* if only). we love him as coach eric taylor on nbc's friday night lights, but that's another post for another day. for now, just appreciate chandler's masculinity and try not to be too disappointed that your mechanic isn't this attractive.

in an interview with men's health, chandler shares, "motorcycles are an addiction for me. a couple years ago on valentine's day, my wife gave me a sport-touring bike, the Yamaha FJR1300. i'd owned a harley that i'd driven cross-country, but some idiot stole it outside a bar. i love the yamaha because it's fast and built for long hauls and the windies. i've taken it out to mount zion and to the grand canyon and over hoover dam. it really lets you feel like you're part of the landscape." 

first of all, can we say--holy-hoover-damn-- that's the sexiest valentine's day gift ever??
 secondly, that picture.

chandler is also a fan of his black omega speedmaster professional-- "it's the same kind of watch neil armstrong wore on the moon. he needed something with a winder because automatic watches don't work in space. i like that i have to wind it every day."

 we like that you like that. 

the man's got style. and two adorable daughters -- sydney and sawyer. we love a man in a suit, but we love him with his little girls even more. 

kyle chandler, thank you for preserving a thread of american masculinity. thank you for drinking your coffee black (at least, we're assuming you do). thank you for white t-shirts and grease under your fingernails. thank you for loving your wife and daughters and for having a sense of humor

little chief loves you.


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