pour yourself a glass of wine, kind reader. it's matt berninger.

 frontman of brooklyn-based rock band the national, this manly man is a perfect piece of ass. he's the new blue blood. he's a confident liar. he's showered and blue-blazered. he's brave and kind. he's... well.... he's one of our favorite manly men.

what a dapper dude. that suit, that beard, that album, that voice. but seriously-- that voice

i was lucky enough to see matt berninger perform with the national at bonnaroo last summer and it remains one of my favorite musical experiences to date. he killed it. half way through the show, mr. berninger poured himself a glass of white wine and sent another through the crowd to a very lucky dude in the audience. classy, matt, classy. i guess all the wine isn't for you after all. 

well, it should be.

matt's lyric book from high violet. poetic brilliance, people. 

oh my gosh. regain composure. 

16-month-old isla is a lucky lady. her daddy wears a leather jacket. 

and her lullabies must be pretty kick-ass. 

ok-- so we know he can pull off a very masculine beard, but we're big fans of the stubble/bold-frame glasses combo. 

very big fans indeed. 

and that necktie is superb ( i hate the word superb.)

 it's a terrible love, matt berninger.


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