the high is 70 today. it's november 21st-- where is the frost on the pumpkin? the fodder in the shock? 

girls across the south are sweating in their gosh-darn tights and boots and those pumpkin-spice lattes don't taste so good now, do they? in spite of al gore's worst fear actualizing in our faces, we have a few delicious manly men in your forecast today. so even if you're sweating through your tights, chug that autumn-themed beverage and rearrange your perfectly positioned scarf knowing it only gets hotter from here. 

if the wool beanie is the only thing that interests you in this picture, you should put on your bold-frame glasses and take another look. his name is robert konjic and he wants to take you hiking. 

corduroy blazers and duck boots-- two wintry essentials we love on a man.  

think fair isle isn't manly? think again, friends. if GQ and harry shum jr. can make it look this sharp, we're all for it. (like the parka? you can find it here.)

looking good, ry ry. where are you going and can we come with?

ok, we didn't get enough bean boots the first time around. and the chunky cable? manly, but still soft enough to curl up next to.

joseph gordon-levitt, you're looking so fly in that black bomber jacket

if you're not warm yet, pour yourself a drink or four and make foolhardy online purchases-- one of which should definitely be this vest

what a distinguished elderly gentlemen. we think he's wearing cashmere-lined leather gloves and a warm wool scarf, but that's just a guess.

well, now we really hope the temperature drops.

happy manly monday, all you appreciators of masculinity.


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