so, it's another monday. maybe you partied a little too hard this weekend, or stayed up late studying (right?), or you're exhausted from moving your cousin's colonial bedroom set across town. in any case, we the chiefs wish we were back in bed for at least another day or so.

but since we're not, and neither are you, kind reader (you better not be), we caught some manly men fast asleep for your enjoyment and envy.

hey, it's jim! from the office! no... it's that guy from license to wed. c'mon people. 

yep, it's channing tatum. he's probably really dumb in person, so just take the picture for what it's worth.

see? even james franco sleeps in class. poor guy. who wants to loan this man your bed for a few hours?

ok, and if that wasn't enough, here he is again... sleeping... with books... and kittens. 

sleeping on a girder 69 stories above new york city is pretty manly and brave... albeit stupid (which are frequently confused as one and the same). 

how about a little bon iver for that manly afternoon nap? try these for optimal blockage of the outside world. 

is that james franco again?? nope. james dean. 
different james, same sexy. 

sleeping on the ground-- manly??

sleeping on an arctic cliff face-- manlier?? 
again, this is an instance of bravery vs. stupidity. 

we'll let you decide.

happy manly monday people. 


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Kristen said...

James Franco asleep in class...y'all have officially redeemed Mondays!