a few nights ago, i had the fortunate and thought-provoking experience of seeing a beautiful film by acclaimed auteur lars von trier. melancholia examines many dynamics, primarily the relationship between two sisters. justine, who suffers from crippling depression and claire, the rational, pragmatic and "normal" member of the family. part one features justine's lavish wedding, hosted by claire and her husband in their opulent european mansion.

there's also the impending-end-of-the-world part. that's act two. in a nutshell, the planet melancholia (also the name of a mood disorder for non-specific depression--see the symbolism already?) is heading towards earth and may or may not pass by or completely obliterate it... this is all set against the backdrop of wagner's immaculately stirring prelude to tristan und isolde. and the film is just that. gorgeous without seeming contrived, emotional with authenticity--a truly unique and jaw-dropping work of art unlike any other i've ever taken on. 

i'd hate to give any more of it away, and maybe that's why i'm bad at film reviews, but i cannot emphasize enough the sheer beauty of this film. it was a breathtaking and transforming experience. either way, i'll continue to let the stills speak for themselves.

though let me tell you, in its artistic and undoubtedly meaningful questioning of life and death, melancholia is a beautiful endeavor through fear and depression that you really ought to witness.



suzy said...

i'd never even heard of this, but i reeeeeeallly want to see it now.

Kate said...

I will watch any movie you recommend, and I don't even know you. That's how awesome you are.


it's quite an undertaking at about two and a quarter hours, but it's so worth it. a very insightful and beautiful film.

rooth said...

Those are some really lovely stills


the film is even more powerful! you should definitely check it out.

and thanks for visiting our blog!