if you're like us, a man with a clean fuel-injected 865cc engine and 17 inch alloys between his legs can be pretty intriguing. if there's room for us on the back, even better (no sidecars, please. we have our reasons.) 

what is it about a man with a motorcycle that's so, well, masculine? a lot of that depends on the kind of bike he rides. there's big difference between a man who drives a lime green kawasaki crotch-rocket and a man who recently restored a 1968 triumph bonneville

(before i continue, if this triumph treasure has a sense of humor and a job, date him.) 

but generally speaking, a man with a motorcycle has a sense of adventure-- he wants to hug the curves of the blue ridge parkway or speed across the bonneville salt flats or park wherever the hell he wants. 

however cliche it may be, a handsome man on a beautiful motorcycle gets our hearts racing. 

any man with  a bike like this needs an equally beautiful-yet-utilitarian leather tool case for any roadside maintenance issues. 

yes, that's ryan gosling. we know, we know-- he's an internet sensation/inspiration/obsession/whatever but even though he takes ballet just for fun, he's still manly enough for a motorcycle.

watch out-- kim kardashian ran away with ron swanson

we hope that was enough manly to get you through your monday.


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