yeah, yeah, we know. the chiefs are MIA.

there's no excuse for our lack of posting really-- unless you'll accept the following reasons (all of which are true):

 1. one chief is studying abroad, the other is simply a broad, studying (for the less astute, a broad is less respectable than a lady, but much more respectable than a bitch).

2. season 2 of the fox series 24 on netflix-- keifer sutherland, the all state insurance guy, nuclear threats and an incredible amount of middle-eastern men driving cargo vans through metropolitan areas. i bet you can't watch just one.

3. both of us also continue trying to nail whitney houston's tremendous key-change from "i will always love you" (see 3:10-3:27) (RIP) (dolly parton's original is still better. suck it.)

4. and if those aren't reasons enough, here is-- verbatim-- my iphone's google search history from the past 10 days:
                -outkast roses
                -dog dayquil
                -tennessee squire
                -how many dove chocolates per bag
                -wild at heart treatment women
                -average male pube count
                -iran snl video

So there you have it, kind readers. judge us how you will.



rooth said...

My search, guiltily, includes plot summaries of the Twilight series. Because I won't read the books or catch the movies but I want to know what everyone is talking about...

Me and I said...

My search includes only words for work lately... my God, I envy yours! It's time to go out =)